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Welcome to Industry DIY.  My name is Ty Criswell and I started this website with a goal of creating practical woodworking plans.  These plans have three goals in mind:

  1. Be easy to build
  2. Look great
  3. Last a long time

This content will be geared towards the beginner.  More intermediate projects will be available as soon as I make them.

Please don’t hesitate to give woodworking and DIY projects a try.  Here are a few articles to get you off the ground:

What you’ll find at Industry DIY

At Industry DIY you will find:

  • Projects – These are projects I have completed myself and have in depth tutorials on how to build
  • Tool Reviews – Find what tools you should buy to add to your awesome workshop
  • Blog – This is where I post articles related to everything DIY including categories outside of woodworking
  • Kreg Tool Page – A page dedicated to Kreg Tool information because every beginner should be using them


Woodworking 101 Section

This section contains informational articles aimed at furthering your skill set and understanding of woodworking.  I consider it the encyclopedia of Industry DIY.

Start Woodworking Now

It is my goal with this blog to not only get you familiar with woodworking tools and skills, but to start you on your own DIY journey.

My woodworking is relatable to everything else I do in my life.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to add projects to your own home.  It is enjoyable to create something functional and use it on a daily basis.  You can’t get this feeling by buying something at a furniture store.  It won’t have any meaning to you, and it will probably be very expensive.

I consider myself a bit of a perfectionist.  Or so this is what other people tell me.  And when you are a perfectionist it can be hard to really get anything accomplished.  Its hard to start when everything isn’t set up exactly how I want it.

DIY projects are the way that I train myself to get out of this rut.

The stuff that I make myself is not perfect.  Those little imperfections are what make it my own.  Maybe that shelf that I built has a nick in the front edge of it, but its still something I made myself.  And next time I make it I can strive to be perfect. Its a challenge.  But it teaches me to let go and move on.  I define productivity by moving from one step to the next, and not being hung up on one single detail.

For this reason I am sharing with you what I know about DIY.  I hope that you can find some lessons in your hobbies as well.  Enjoy!