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Best Pocket Hole Jig

Best Pocket Hole Jig – 2018 Comparison Guide

After using a pocket hole jig for several years I can attest to its usefulness.  I use it for projects ranging from decking to fine furniture. (I personally own the …
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Edge Joining Boards With A Kreg Jig

A pocket hole jig can be used for many purposes.  One of the most useful things you can do with it is join boards edge to edge.  I can’t tell …
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Why Use a Pocket Hole Jig

Why Use a Pocket Hole Jig?

A pocket hole jig is a useful tool for beginning and expert woodworkers alike.  It is a versatile and dependable tool to use when you are building a project.

I …
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Kitchen Remodel Part Two

My Kitchen Remodel – Part 2: Cabinet Install and Finish

This is part 2/2 of my kitchen remodel project.  To go to the first part click here.  

In the first part I worked on removing everything I possibly could from …
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Kitchen Remodel Part One

My Kitchen Remodel – Part 1: Demolition

This post is part 1 in a series I am doing on my kitchen remodel.  This project is now completed.  I am going to write through all of the steps …
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General Woodshop Safety Rules

Much of my content on this website revolves around woodworking and tools, so I figured it would behoove me to talk about wood shop safety.  It is an important aspect …
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