Ty Criswell

Tools and Materials
Digital Design


  • Experienced Woodworker: Enjoys woodworking project plans, providing tool reviews, and teaching essential woodworking skills.
  • Educational Background: Studied Engineering Physics at Abilene Christian University, bringing a unique blend of technical knowledge to his woodworking craft.
  • Simplicity and Clarity: Like to make easy-to-understand writing and straightforward woodworking processes, making woodworking accessible to DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, and hobbyists.


Ty's goal is to help woodworking enthusiasts of all levels to dive into the world of woodworking with confidence. His dedication to simplifying woodworking processes and providing clear instructions has made him a trusted source in the woodworking community. Beyond his writing, Ty also shares his passion for woodworking by selling unique and personalized finished woodworking items. He also enjoys farming and spending quality time with his family.

Future Projects

Ty's exciting future goal is to continue developing new woodworking plans daily, providing valuable resources for woodworkers of all skill levels. His dedication to simplicity and clarity in his work ensures that his audience can embark on their woodworking journey with ease. His passion for woodworking, coupled with his commitment to clear communication, makes him a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the world of woodworking.

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